Audyssey Error Message

While Audyssey MultEQ XT Room Correction and Speaker Setup is in progress one of these errors may occur; don’t panic we have a solution.

  1. Ambient Noise too High:
    1. If the background noise is too high please remove the source of the noise and try again.
  2. Speaker Matching Error!
    1. This means that the number of speakers detected was different from that of the first measurement. Check the speaker connections and try again.
  3. Writing Error!
    1. This message will appear if saving failed. Please try saving again. If this message appears 2 or 3 times contact your Onkyo dealer.
  4. Speaker Detect Error:
    1. This appears when no speakers are detected. “NO” means no speaker was detected. Check your speaker connections and try again.

4 responses to “Audyssey Error Message

  1. Receiver tx-nr609. de speskers zijn aangesloten maar worden door de receiver niet geactiveerd. Display geeft aan dat ze er zijn,
    Ook de audyssey kan ik niet op on zetten. Wat kan ik doen.
    Zone 2 werkt wel.
    groet Wim Kipperman. Nederland

  2. As im trying the Mic test, I receive Sp detect error! I’ve checked my connections and everything checks out. I hear sound on my tv on all speakers. It’s a brand new system just opened up the box 5 hrs ago. Beginning to get annoyed. Thinking of returning back to best buy. What else can it be?

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