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AV Sync vs. Lip Sync

You know when sometimes the audio doesn’t match up with the person who is speaking on the screen; well there are two ways to fix that.

  • AV Sync is a way for you to manually fix the problem.
  • Lip Sync when enabled will fix the problem automatically.

Please view your manual for instructions on how to operate both of these.



This is one channel that is a pair of speakers; a tweeter and a subwoofer. This one channel handles both high (tweeter) and low (subwoofer) frequencies. This has great sound quality and clarity.


Bridging is simply connecting one speaker to another. This doubles the wattage.

Controlling your Receiver via Remote Control

To control your receiver with the remote control press the RECEIVER button on the remote (you can also use this remote to control your Onkyo Blu-ray, DVD, CD player, and other components).

When you would like to change the remote controllers mode (target a component) without changing the current input source, press the MODE you would like and within a few seconds press the REMOTE MODE button. For example, say you want the satellite box, you would press the CBL/SAT button on the remote or if you want the tuner you would press the TUNER button. These buttons can be used when a remote mode other than receiver mode is selected.  Also, pressing the HOME button switches you back to receiver mode.

Passive Subwoofer

A passive subwoofer is simply powered by an external amplifier.  Powerful bass needs more muscle to reproduce low frequency sounds. Your receiver or amp must be able to produce enough power to create the bass effect in the subwoofer. The amount of power needed depends on the size of the room and your speakers.

Audyssey MultEQ

With the supplied calibrated microphone Audyssey MultEQ automatically determines the number of speakers connected, their size for purpose of bass management, optimum crossover frequency to the subwoofer (if present), and the distance from the primary listening positions. Audyssey MultEQ then removes the distortion caused by room acoustics by capturing the room acoustical problems over the listening area in both the frequency and time domain. The result is clear, well balanced sound for everyone. Enabling Audyssey MultEQ allows you to use Audyssey Dynamic EQ which maintains the proper octave to octave balance at any volume level.

Connecting a Game Console

When connecting a game console to any of the Onkyo Receivers it is recommended that you use the same type of connection going into the receiver and out of the receiver. For example if you are using a component cable into the receiver then it should also be component out of the receiver to the gaming system.