What is 7.2 Surround Sound?

7.2 surround sound uses dual subwoofers; usually it is only a 7.1 with only 1 subwoofer. If you have a 7.1 receiver then a simple “Y” cable will allow you to connect 2 powered subwoofers. True 7.2 surround is actually two different LFR (low frequency effects) with a left and a right channel. Using a “Y” cable would not give you true 7.2, but would in fact remain a 7.1 with 2 subwoofers.


2 responses to “What is 7.2 Surround Sound?

  1. Alberto Silva

    Dear Sirs,

    I have a HT-S9100THX home theater system and I intend to turn it into 9.2 channels. Can I replace the HT-R960 receiver for the TX-NR1009 receiver?
    Thank you.

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