Controlling your Receiver via Remote Control

To control your receiver with the remote control press the RECEIVER button on the remote (you can also use this remote to control your Onkyo Blu-ray, DVD, CD player, and other components).

When you would like to change the remote controllers mode (target a component) without changing the current input source, press the MODE you would like and within a few seconds press the REMOTE MODE button. For example, say you want the satellite box, you would press the CBL/SAT button on the remote or if you want the tuner you would press the TUNER button. These buttons can be used when a remote mode other than receiver mode is selected.  Also, pressing the HOME button switches you back to receiver mode.

4 responses to “Controlling your Receiver via Remote Control


  2. must the remote have a clear path to the reciever or can the receiver be behind a television or othe component??

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