The Receiver shuts down when playing at a Loud Volume

This issue could be caused by a frayed speaker wire touching the back of the receiver. When sound is playing at a low level the speaker doesn’t require that much power; however, when the level increases more power is needed. If there is a frayed wire this would cause the unit to shut down. 

Please try the following to see where the issue is coming from:

  1. Have the receiver turned off, make sure all the speaker wires are labeled, and disconnect them from the speaker terminals.
  2. Please turn the receiver back on. Now put the receiver on a source that would give you sound if the speakers were still connected (if the TV is hooked up to the receiver put that on) and turn the volume all the way up.
  3. If the receiver shuts off then it would need to go to a service center because it is an internal problem (please view our post on locating a service center).
  4. If the receiver does not shut down, turn the volume down, shut the receiver off, and connect one speaker. Turn the receiver on the same source as before and raise the volume.
  5. If the receiver shuts down, remove that speaker from the terminal and connect it to another terminal to determine if it is the receiver or the speaker itself causing the problem.
  6. If the receiver shuts off after moving the speaker then you know it is a problem with the speaker or the wiring.
  7. If the receiver does not shut down, turn the volume down, shut off the receiver and connect another speaker repeating step 4 to 6.
  8. Keep adding speakers until you find the one causing the problem.

After determining whether it is the speaker or the receiver either can be repaired at a service center (please call us at product support or view our blog post on finding a service center).

Away to avoid frayed wires is to use “Banana Connectors”.

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