The USB connection on current models is for flash drives or USB storage devices (or the UWF-1 wireless adaptor). Make sure the flash drive is formatted to FAT 32 or FAT 16 files, which are supported.  Each folder may contain up to 500 music files and folders may be nested up to eight levels deep.

2 responses to “USB

  1. Researching the Onkyo TX-NR609 for possible purchase. Docs speak about the USB port on the front of the unit but when I look at photos there appears to be a USB on the back as well. Is that the case? I’d like to put the optional wireless component on the system but still be able to hook up an Ipod at times as well

    • Hi Just Bill,
      Unfortunately, there is no USB on the back of the unit. It is still possible to connect your receiver to the internet using an ethernet port and then have the usb for your ipod, but you wouldn’t be wireless. You could also purchase a docking station for you ipod and then have the usb free for wireless internet. If you have anymore questions please refer them to our forum: Thank you for choosing Onkyo!

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