Wireless Headphones

Any receiver can do wireless headphones (or hard wired headphones) both analog and digital. If the receiver has a digital out, connect the headphone transmitter to that and make sure any source you want to play through the headphones is connected to either the optical or coaxial inputs on the receiver.

If the receiver does not have a digital out, you would connect the wireless transmitter using the RCA (White, Red) audio cables to the tape out. The source that you want to listen to through the headphones then must be connected to the receiver in the RCA in with analog cables.

Do not press the tape button on the front of the receiver otherwise you will cancel the audio signal.


2 responses to “Wireless Headphones

  1. Problem connecting headphones to TX-NR609.

    I would like to use my wireless headphones to hear from my Scientific Atlanta cable box (Comcast). The headphones have only std analog RCA jacks for audio. I have tried to understand your instructions and have connected the Scientific Atlanta Cable Box (Cisco) to the 609 via audio coax, then the VCR record out to the headphones. Nothing. The TV is an LG 60PZ950 that has no line out audio like my old TV had. What should I do?

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