MAC Filtering FAQ (UWF-1)

•If you have a connection when using the UWF-1 wireless dongle, but cannot get internet radio or a DLNA devices to work please make sure MAC Filtering is disabled in your router.
•Please keep in mind all routers differ and this is an example using a Linksys Router. These are basic guidelines you can follow. Please follow your routers instructions on to how to access it.
Thank you.

4 responses to “MAC Filtering FAQ (UWF-1)

  1. Maybe I am mis-understanding, but it seems unreasonable to expect users to reduce the level of security on their wireless to eliminate mac filtering so that this device can operate. I don’t have my UWF-1 setup yet, but, based on Google searches. am hoping I can get the device mac id and add it to my filtering.
    I am very resistant to eliminating mac filtering for the rest of my devices. if this is the case, it should be stated clearly on the box.

    • Hi Deb,
      We understand your concern. However, this FAQ is for rare circumstances and does not have to be used often. The UWF-1 should work just find with MAC Filtering enabled. We only recommend this if there is a problem with the network connection which is rare. Thank you for choosing Onkyo.

  2. I just setup a TX-NR717 and the UWF-1. The network is active, but when any of the internet radio(s) are selected, “connection failed” message appears. The receiver is in the same room as the router.

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