HDMI Upconversion for the 515 and 616

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*In order for the receiver to upconvert component input to HDMI output, the source output MUST be set to 480i.

** HDMI output from the receiver will support up to 4K and is dependent on the resolution supported by the display.

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17 responses to “HDMI Upconversion for the 515 and 616

  1. So is this a setting within the receiver, or within the DVD player I’m trying to connect via component cables for upconversion?

  2. Would a future firmware update include the option of upconverting a 720p component signal to 1080p HDMI, that would be great. Or even better pass the 1080i/p component signal to the HDMI output no conversion except analog to digital.

  3. My xbox only goes down to 480p. what now?

  4. Even set to 480p I can’t get a picture out of my XBox’s component cables. I get sound, but no picture. Please advise…

  5. The chart suggests that a 576i signal from source is upconverted.
    Please answer these questions for me:
    1. On the 515/616 receivers (sold in the US), would a 576i signal (on component input) get upconverted (on HDMI output)?
    2. On the 515/616 receivers (sold in the US), would a 576p signal (on component input) get upconverted (on HDMI output) ?

  6. Does the unit upconvert a 720p HDMI input to 1080p?

      • Follow-on question then, I am having issues with my Playstation 3 displaying through the 515 unit. I believe it is due to the refresh rate being set at 24p for the PS3 (which I cannot figure out how to change to 60p). Does the Onkyo “Auto” setting for the main HDMI output not account for the refresh rate, even though there is an option to set the Onkyo output to convert to a 1080/24p signal? The only way I can get the PS3 to display through the unit is to manually change the main HDMI output to 1080/24p, which makes all other inputs look terrible when displayed on my tv.

      • To further research this possible issue you are experiencing, please forward your information to askOnkyo.us.onkyo.com so it can be evaluated. We will need to analyze ALL components and their specifications for further assessment.

      • Richie, I would set your Onkyo to the through setting for the HDMI signals. See if that solves your issues. I tend to not have my receiver doing any changes to my video signal, as I set it to the through setting and then calibrate my set using each device separately.

  7. I am having trouble connecting my 1985 Nintendo to the TX-NR515. I have the Monitor Out connection with an HDMI cable and the Nintendo has composite cables connected to the “Game” port. I have sound but no picture. I have read all the threads and forums. Still, my problem exists. Please advise. thanks!

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