Onkyo Remote App Update

ImageAn updated version of the Onkyo Remote App (Android and iOs) is now available. With the update the app is now:

1. iPhone 5 ready (size will fit to iPhone 5)
2. Ready for our 2013 AVRs (start shipping in April)
3. adds the ability to search when browsing through list in smart phone, USB, DLNA, and Home Media.



17 responses to “Onkyo Remote App Update

  1. I have been using your iPad app to control the receiver and for the most part it works well. I am having one problem when using the dlna service to play music. When advancing from one song to the next either manually or using shuffle the volume resets to zero. Is there a way to correct this problem.

  2. I did the latest Onkyo app update at the end of March and now the search function is completely broken. It just displays ‘all tv’ when you tap search. Now the app is basically useless for Spotify and Pandora.

  3. since the last upgrade (ver 1.50 ) remote app (android 4.0.3 galaxy sII GT-I9100P) doesn’t recognize my tx-nr414 anymore.

  4. I have tried that several times but it does not orrectbthe problem.

  5. Upon updating to the latest Onkyo app, the search function no longer works. Tried it on 1 iPod Touch and 2 iPhones – same result. When you click Search in Spotify, for example, the search field appears for about half a second and disappears. What would cause this? Can you duplicate my result?

  6. Same problem, the spotify search function doesn’t work anymore since the update…
    Can anybody help?

  7. John Galloway

    I am having same problem. Remote App worked fine originally w/616, but now only finds Panasonic TV. Tried reinstalling app. Will factory reset undo all speaker settings and input settings? If so, hardly seems worth the effort.

    • Hello John,

      You can save the settings on the receiver and still factory reset the receiver. Press and hold the “Setup” button on the front of the receiver and then press the “Enter” button on the front of the receiver. “Setting Store” will show on the front of the receiver, press Enter again to save your settings. The proceed with a factory reset. After you have completed a factory reset and power back on the receiver, press and hold the “Setup” button and then press the Return button and “Setting Recall” will show on the front of the receiver. Press Enter and your settings will be restored

  8. Factory reset does NOT fix the problem. I tried it. In general, to be frank, the network capability of my Onkyo TX-8050 is flaky at best. I am doing a complete cold restart a minimum of once a week, usually twice or three times, to resolve network communication issues. I am an IT professional, and unless I am missing something very basic, the TX-8050 is the flakiest device I have come across in years. I have it wired into my network so it is not a wireless issue.

    Also, the fact that when you connect to the iPod via the USB port, you can only scroll a dozen items or so, then you must click the down arrow, and scroll again, on and on. I have 450 albums on my ipod. try to imagine how long it takes to get to an album that doesn’t begin with A or B!

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