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36 responses to “Product Support

  1. Having a problem with my TX-SR602 Receiver. When I try to adjust volume on Zone 2 it dosen’t seem to work. Dialog box indicates max vol but I don’t know how to change/decrease. I press Zone 2 on the Receiver then level button, dialog box shows max and though I try to change with setup or arrows nothing changes. When I use control volume it lowers it but is lowering sound in TV room(dosen’t affect Zone 2). Can you provide instructions on how to fix this problem?

    • Hi Mike,
      Have you tried a factory reset? A reset on your unit is different than the one in our blog post on this site. This is very simple to do, but please keep in mind: THIS RESET WILL CAUSE YOU TO LOOSE ALL YOUR AUDIO AND VIDEO ASSIGNMENTS ON THE RECEIVER; ALSO YOUR SPEAKER CONFIGURATION, SPEAKER DISTANCE , ALL LEVEL CALLIBRATION SETTINGS AND AUDYSSEY SETTINGS. YOU WILL LOOSE ANY PROGRAMED RADIO STATIONS IN THE MEMORY. A reset can be achieved by holding down the video 1 button and then pressing the standby button. If you have any other question please refer them to our forum: We will be posting your question there because it may be able to help another customer in the future. Thank you!

  2. Can the speakers for the Onkyo HT-S9400THX be set up wirelessly or do they only work by running wires to the receiver?

  3. My compact disc changer c-707CHX seems to be jammed. That part won’t open up to change the. CD. Is there anything special I have to do. I love this player but Michigan is a long ways to send it to to get it repaired.

  4. Hey, Can I hook up a microphone for a karaoke to my HT-SR800?
    is yes,where,what type of connection?

  5. Hi John,
    Please refer all questions to our forum, to help us stay organized and let us answer you in a timely manner: Thank you.

  6. Purchased a SKW-204(B) subwoofer. Does not go into standby mode once the receiver is powered off or in standby mode.

  7. I have TX-SR706 and 5.1 surround works for some channels but for other channels I have severe audio dropouts. The picture for all of the channels is great, no pixilation or anything. If I turn off 5.1, no audio problems. I use a Samsung HDTV. Is there an issue with the Onxyo receiver and if so, is there a firmware update available?

  8. Hello,

    I have perused your websites for 2 hours straight, and called no less than 5 times today, only to receive answers to questions I didn’t ask. I have a TS-DX989 that I love dearly. I needed to know if you still sold the 7.1 input cable, a D25, and if using this meant a loss of bass management. I know this amp is 11 years old, however, it was your flagship model, and supposedly upgradeable(future-proof). I also wanted to get the THX ultra 2 upgrade as well.
    It appears even purchasing the top of the line model doesn’t exempt one from the “here today, gone later today” business paradigm.
    I have purchased 3 of your receivers in the last 12 years. The first has died, the second has some flaky issues, but the 989 is still singing.


  9. oh, and before you refer me to the forum, I tried making an account. I had an activation link that wouldn’t work (said it was a key not in the database or something) and there were no answers there for the TX-DS989 anyway.

    • Hi Tim,
      We are sorry that the forum registration did not work. It is a third party site and we have no control over that. If possible please send us your question through a PM on the forum. Unfortunately, I cannot respond to your question on here. We are trying to keep all questions to forum, phone calls, emails, or live chat. It helps to keep us organized. You can sign in as a guest on the forum and I will personally see to it that Product Support responds to you ASAP via an email. Thank you for your patience.

  10. Having problems with my TX-NR901 when playing a movie or listening to music all of a sudden a strong noise starts and then the sound of the movie or music went off at all. This malfunction happens from time to time I really appreciate your advice or instructions about how to fix this problem.

  11. Hi. I have a TX-NR509. Accidentally a power cord touches the surface of the receiver when was off (automatically the protection of the circuit worked) . After that everything but the HDMI connections works well. Can you give me – if it is possible – an idea about what would be happened ? Thanks, Marcelo.

  12. sorry, that email is just another I have. is the first one I gave.



  13. TX-SR506, I can’t seem to get the audio to come back via ARC from my Panasonic Viera TV. So when I stream video from Netflix directly from my TV, I have to use my TV speakers as the sound does not seem to make it back to the TX-SR506 receiver. Any thoughts?

  14. I have a HT-R570. I hook up my cable box with HDMI to my AV receiver (input) and (output) to my TV. I have no sound and video to my tv. I by pass my AV receiver and it work. I think there’s a problem with my HDMI in and out on my receiver or maybe something else…. I try different HDMI cable and still dont work can someone help me?

    • With the HT-R570, the HDMI is only video. You have to connect a digital coaxial cable from the cable box to the receiver to be able to get sound. Page 52 in the owners manual

  15. Diego Feranndo Bossa Castro

    Good afternoon,

    We are working developing automation systems and Onkyo is the main brand we use for AV Systems. Currently, we are having issues with the OnkyoTX-NR609. It is getting extremely hot even if it isn’t used. And we are worried about the functioning and possible risks that it means. This is the desciption of our situtation:

    * The only thing that is always active network control, because we are focused on automation, so it means that we are connecting the amplifier by TCP (port 60128).
    * We handle different models of amplifiers (ONKYO) and the only one with this symptom is this model.
    * We had already written requesting support and got tips for this not to happen, although we implemented those tips, it isn’t solved.
    * The amplifier is in a rack and it is getting so hot, that warms the metalic part of the rack.

    We would like to know what could be causing this? Is it a problem with Onkyo TX-NR609?

  16. We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for
    our future.

  17. I have a tx-940 receiver and have replaced Q 522 (2SC3856) which was shorted. I have checked all active coponents on the preamp and amp circuits and find no faulty components. The unit goes into protect mode. I have reset the unit and received the “CLEAR” on the display but it remains in protect mode. Is there a way to bypass this protect circuit, or what can you suggest?
    Many thanks!

  18. Having a problem with my TX-SR702 Receiver. Volume suddenly turns off. I have to turn off the receiver, but it is more consistently. I need some service center in Mexico, DF. please help me


      Calle 10 No. 133 Col. Granjas, San Antonio 09070, Mexico, D.F.

  19. I’m trying to setup the UWF-1 and I entered the wrong password for my network and I can’t figure out how to clear my entry. I tried hitting the CLR key but it just takes me through the sleep mode timer and it doesn’t delete what I entered. What am I doing wrong?

  20. Hi I have tx-nr 3007 with no sound and no speaker indicators. I bought it just over 2 year now from Best Buy. They said it no longer under warranty and should check with onkyo. What should I do? Do you have trade in program?

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