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21 responses to “Feedback

  1. Have you resolved the DTS HD Master bomb issue that was found when playing back the new Star Wars Blu-Ray discs? I have both a TX-NR905 and a TX-NR906 and both units exhibit the same problem. Both receivers have the current firmware updates for the DSPs. Several other owners have posted about this issue on AVS-Forum as well.

    I understand that you acknowleged there was a problem. I see that Denon, Yamaha and Pioneer have all resolved the issue with their receivers but have had no word from you about this.

  2. Has there been any updates on this issue? It has been three months since the issue appeared and no resolution so far… Can you give an idea when the fixes will be released?

  3. Hi Jon,
    The most recent information we were given said, that they need a little more time in Japan to sort this out. Thank you for your patience. Please if you have any other questions refer them to our forum:

  4. Have an onkyo r1 CD player. Love it, but front is struggling to open. What can I do to fix my problem. Tray must be lifted up to open. Please advise, thank you. Reply to

  5. Any updates on the DTS HD Master bomb issue? It’s now been about four months since the problem appeared…

  6. After one year I received my Onkyo TX-NR609 back after one hour playing time, they still charged me 85USD for tranportation and absolute poor service.
    It was impossible to negotiate to replace or the unit, it had to be repaired and this took one year.
    In the mean time I bought a perfect working other brand, with Airplay and better sound, so now I am stuck with a expensive Onkyo product.
    Be aware that the Warranty and service is poor and the change there are quality problems are large, good luck!

  7. Thank you for posting the how to video on the onkyo remote 2. However, I have one burning question. on the iOS remot there is a button on the top right that says “tv remote”. how can I program the controls for this button to work with my tv? Right now the buttons do nothing.


  8. I’m waiting for the fix that corrects my connectivity to Pandora…the single most enjoyed feature of the TX-NR509…This networking problem isn’t new to Onkyo – Is there a prospective fix date ?

  9. Carlos B. Armstead

    When are you going to address the problem with the “NO SOUND PROBLEM” in the TX-NR5007 receiver? This is a known problem with the HDMI board over heating and it appears that nothing is being done to address the problem. My receiver is currently in the shop to be repaired and other customers are experiencing the same problem. When you pay over $2000.00 for a receiver you expect it to last more than 2 years…….

  10. I have a TX-NR807 which also has NO SOUND and NO intenet connectivity… Agree with Carlos A above….$2K is not chump change What do I do to get it repaired?

  11. What’s a good A/V Receiver do you recommend for my new Bose 901 Series VI?

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