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Owner’s Manuals

Owner’s manuals for most models are available for download on this site on our owners manual page:(

Printed manuals can be purchased at our at Shop Onkyo page:  . To request a manual that is not on our website, please contact us in the Product Support Dept. If you are looking for step by step instructions on how to setup your unit please visit our Flickr stream with easy to follow photo instructions.


Locating your Unit’s Serial Number

The serial number is located on the bottom back of our unit under the speaker hook-ups. It will appear on a white sticker.


The pre-outs RCA jacks are labeled as “PRE OUT” in the rear of the receiver. These pre-outs need to be connected to an external amplifier to amplify pre-out signal. Note that while using zone 2 or 3 you can use either pre-outs or the speaker terminals, not both.


To ensure customers receive our manufacturer’s warranty on our products they must be purchased at an Onkyo authorized retailer which can be located on our website in the dealer locator section. New Onkyo products are covered under warranty only if they are purchased from an authorized Onkyo dealer. If you purchase an Onkyo product from an unauthorized dealer, your Onkyo warranty will not be valid. Have a question about our warranty policy? Please visit our warranty page on our website: or please contact Customer Relations for further warranty information. They can be reached at 1-201-785-2600 option 4. Thank you!

Need a Replacement Remote?

Do you need to replace that lost or broken remote control? Then you need the Parts and Services department. Replacement remote controls and other accessories can be purchased online via our website or by contacting the Onkyo Parts & Service Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm est. @ 800-229-1687 option# 4.


HDMI is for both audio and video; whereas DVI is only video. To receive sound using the DVI you would need a separate audio connection.


Want to know the difference between all those video resolutions?

  • 480i: “I” stands for interlaced; picture information contains 480 horizontal lines with interlaced scan.
  • 480p: “p” stands for progressive scan (non-interlaced). Picture information contains 480 lines with progressive scan.
  • 720p: 720p is progressive signal with 720 horizontal lines.
  • 1080i: 1080i is interlaced signal with 1080 horizontal lines.
  • 1080p: 1080p is progressive signal with 1080 horizontal lines.